About The Editor

I am Benjamin Dunst, the creator of Convergence for my undergraduate thesis project.

I elected to create Covnergence because of the drastic changes I’ve observed within my lifetime. Having seen the end of the newspaper era in my childhood, and now, the end and resurgence of the television news era, it’s been clear to me that these have made grave impacts on the way our worldviews are formed.

I have been politically minded and active from a young age, and this importance to me meant that there would be no other option for an undergraduate thesis. Arcadia University has taught me a great deal about media, and politics as well, and the opportunity to combine them one is something I am thankful for.

Outside of my studies, I am an avid sports fan, and closely follow the professional sports teams in Philadelphia. I spent some time covering the minor league teams such as the Delaware Blue Coats and owe many thanks to my editors at the Painted Lines for their guidance and assistance.